10 things make an office cleaning 100% professional 

Office cleaning is no joke and we should not take this service lightly. Our workplace is the place where we spend more hours of the day continuously and it is essential that we can guarantee our teams the best hygiene conditions so that they can carry out their tasks safely.

 With a good professional office cleaning service, our facilities will be an excellent business card that will say a lot (and well) about how our company is.

But, what differentiates a professional office cleaning from an amateur service? We tell you!

1. Advice on professional cleaning

Starting a professional office cleaning service is not about arriving and landing an army of vacuum cleaners and cloths in your workspace. The first thing we will do is sit down and talk, get to know each other, and understand the processes of operating your office to find out what your specific needs are. 

There will be many variables that we must observe, such as your schedules, the type of space you have, the distribution of the offices, or even the sector in which you work. 

We must analyze all this before getting down to work and a professional cleaning company will advise you on what is best for your company.  

2. Tailored cleaning action plan

Once we have your needs very clear, we will design and present to the Office Manager or the people in charge and adapt a cleaning action plan in which we will pay special attention to efficiency, both yours and ours. A professional office cleaning service must ensure that everyone’s work is carried out without interruptions or inconvenience.

3. Cleaning method adapted to your office 

To optimize time, save costs, and achieve the best results, a professional office cleaning service company will develop a series of procedures applying the method that best suits your office. 

A correct organization is essential so that we all have a clear idea of ​​what to do and when, and what tools and materials we will need to carry out our work in a 100% professional and efficient manner. 

4. It is not just office cleaning, it is hygiene, health, and safety

A professional office cleaning service company understands that a healthier environment contributes to productivity and in a safe environment there are fewer illnesses and fewer accidents, therefore, fewer sick days.  

In the cleaning of offices and offices, we will not only find dust but also germs and bacteria that must be effectively eliminated. Even more so in the toilet areas and also if our company has a kitchen where food is handled. Many procedures enter here that only a good cleaning professional will know and be able to apply correctly. 

5. Clear and measurable goals

In any professional relationship, we must establish a commitment between the parties and this must also be clear, transparent, and measurable. 

For professional office cleaning services, we will establish a series of objectives that are adjusted to the specific needs of each client. Thus, we will all know in a very simple way why we are so happy working together. 

6. Cleaning products suitable for each surface

One of the most serious problems that we can face if we carry out non-professional cleaning is the choice of cleaning products. 

It is absolutely essential to have knowledge of the materials that we are going to treat, of the different surfaces and to choose the most suitable products, as well as knowing how to clean them correctly for their maintenance and conservation. 

When focusing on professional office cleaning , we must remember we can find flooring, upholstery, wood, furniture, electronic equipment, and so forth, And also with different dirt. 

The correct choice of cleaning products and also the methods to treat each surface can save enormous time and money. 

7. Permanent supervision of the action plan

Professional office cleaning service companies have internal quality systems designed to guarantee their clients a fully reliable, serious and efficient service. 

But this permanent supervision also allows us to face any changes that have to be part of the task list throughout the service immediately and in order to improve our performance. 

8. Trained and experienced cleaning staff

The team that forms SCS Group Integrated Services comprises professional workers, with extensive experience and training, trained to carry out complex cleaning tasks. Yes, sometimes even impossible missions. 

All of them are part of the company’s staff, with their employment contracts, registration with Social Security, and the corresponding civil liability insurance. 

By hiring a professional office cleaning service company you will guarantee, in a single gesture, to have qualified personnel who meet all the legal requirements to work in your office immediately. 

9. Flexibility

The day-to-day in companies changes and also the cleaning needs. Therefore, a professional services company will adapt to your rhythm easily and quickly. Whether it is a change in schedule or a peak in intensity at work or any unexpected incident, our ability to maneuver allows us to respond in a short time so that does not affect our activity. 

10. Commitment to the objectives of your office

We will integrate a professional team of cleaning services into your office as if we were one more. We will understand the needs of your company, and the type of work you do and we will be aware at all times that our work must fit into a gear whose mission is to successfully achieve your goals, which will also be ours. Working with SCS Group Integrated Services `are all advantages because our ultimate goal is to make your life easy.

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