14 benefits of Modern SharePoint vs Classic SharePoint

SharePoint Online is an important part of Microsoft 365. It provides a solid foundation for Microsoft Teams, intranets, document management and content management systems. With the arrival of Modern SharePoint, the ease of use has improved considerably. In this blog I will take you through the possibilities of Modern SharePoint services.

Modern SharePoint versus Classic SharePoint

Microsoft introduced Microsoft SharePoint (classic variant) in 2001. It has provided a large part of the business community with a powerful collaboration platform for over 20 years.

With the introduction of Modern SharePoint, Microsoft has given a SharePoint a major upgrade. This upgrade is based on a completely new architecture. We have listed the most important benefits for you:

Responsive :

The displayed information automatically scales to the screen size of each device (laptop, tablet or smartphone). Moreover, you have access to all functionality from any device

Look & feel :

The appearance looks modern, fresh and user-friendly. You can also easily apply your own house style (colors and logo).

Improved architecture :

Better performance, faster and lazy load (displaying web parts when scrolling).

Intuitive to use :

It offers you a modern experience and allows you to easily and quickly build a good looking intranet page or collaboration environment with the desired look & feel by the editor himself. Because of the user-friendly functionality and modern look & feel, employees work pleasantly and quickly with Modern SharePoint. It therefore has a high adoption rate.

Hub sites :

Modern SharePoint allows you to turn a communication site or a team site into a hub site. This is the highest level of a collection of sites and provides you with a unified top navigation. This simplifies the navigation for employees and you organize the site based on, for example, projects, departments or regions.

Social Interaction :

Modern SharePoint provides rich social interaction capabilities, such as commenting with @mentions.

Statistics :

Insight into unique visitors, total number of visitors and site traffic.

Extensive integration options :

Of course, Modern SharePoint is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365 and offers integration with various apps. This is continuously being expanded.

Mobile app :

The mobile app is a big plus for Modern SharePoint. You can access your SharePoint environment anytime and anywhere from your smartphone. It is also possible to set notifications.

Office 365 groups support :

Via Office 365 Groups you can easily assign access rights to employees for specific (parts of) sites and teams.

Process automation :

Full integration with the Microsoft Power platform to further automate processes. From the modern experience, employees (with the help of ICT colleagues) can automate their work processes with the Microsoft Power Platform in a relatively simple way.

Microsoft Viva :

Modern SharePoint is an important part of the employee experience platform Microsoft Viva .
Development speed : Microsoft expands Modern SharePoint monthly with new features.

Unprecedented possibilities :

With an active online community you can easily extend your Modern SharePoint environment with custom web parts via GitHub.

Do you want to make the switch from Classic to Modern?

The switch from Classic to Modern requires good preparation. You don’t just switch over just like that. It requires a new design of SharePoint.

But this is a great opportunity to realize a future-proof and user-friendly collaboration platform that fully meets the current wishes and requirements of the employees within your organization. Modern SharePoint supports your employees to be able to work (together) anytime, anywhere and regardless of location. It is fully in line with our new way of hybrid working.

SharePoint communities

Windows SharePoint Services offers several options for saving files. Windows SharePoint Services enables team collaboration through communities and allows users to collaborate on documents, projects, contact lists, events, participate in discussions and research, collaborative tasks, etc, etc.

In addition, team leaders and website administrators can easily coordinate the content of the websites and the activities of the users.

web parts

Web parts In addition, SharePoint Services serves as a platform for the development of applications. With the help of We parts, targeted information on precisely defined topics can be presented to specific users. The expansion possibilities are virtually unlimited. Windows SharePoint Services can be extended to many hundreds of websites within an organization.

Website administrators

The possibilities for website administrators SharePoint website administrators can easily adjust the content and layout of websites. The users of a website get access to all useful and relevant information. In addition, the contribution of each of the members can be checked. Templates can be used over and over again within an organization.

Access to SharePoint

Access to SharePoint can be obtained in several ways. SharePoint can be accessed with Internet Explorer, via the local explorer, Groove and with Collage offline SharePoint browser. It is useful for you and your employees if this can be done via your own website. Don’t have your own website yet? It can have a separate, new website built or a website made for this .

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