5 things to consider when planning the cleaning of offices

5 things to consider when planning the cleaning of offices. A company is a space of coexistence in which a variable and an often large number of people interact, every day, and for many hours. That is why a good Office Manager must guarantee that both the employees and the people who visit our organization, clients, suppliers, and so forth have cleaning standards that meet the required hygiene and safety measures.

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Any Office Manager knows that office cleaning is one key to the success of their work to ensure that the space they manage is 100% efficient. This will also add to the satisfaction of the entire team and important cost savings for various reasons. 

In this post, we summarize the five basic points that an Office Manager should not forget when planning the cleaning of their offices. 

Properly plan office cleaning

All companies and all offices differ from each other, although they have many similarities. Therefore, there are many variables that we must consider when scheduling office cleaning. 

From the sector in which we are working, the size of the spaces, the number of employees, and so forth There are many things that an Office Manager must consider before organizing cleaning services. 

The idea is to make a study of our specific needs and schedule an office cleaning service that is flexible and adapted to the requirements of our activity. 

Balance work hours

The office cleaning schedule must adapt to the work carried out in our company and add to the organization. 

For both the company’s workers and the team of cleaning professionals, the ideal is to schedule these tasks when there are a minimum number of people working in the offices and a low rate of activity. 

For this reason, we carry out office cleaning usually for the last hour of the day, although it is possible that in some companies it is necessary to make a different schedule depending on each specific case. 

Of course, as an Office Manager, you should never forget that cleaning is one more process within the daily activity of your company that we must avoid neglecting.

Use the right products and procedures 

Proper cleaning of the office helps us control costs, as it favors the maintenance of furniture, computer equipment, and facilities. But an Office Manager must consider that we must use the procedures and products for each surface and for each space. The opposite can also happen.

Nor should we forget that in our office we will have to consider the cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens, if any, which requires special attention to disinfection. Although we will avoid using excessively aggressive products that can even be toxic to people if we use them in closed spaces. 

Think green 

As an Office Manager of an organization, you surely think about development, but as a manager of a company today, you know that development only makes sense if it is sustainable. 

Therefore, when you think about cleaning, consider the entire waste management process in your company and also think about maximizing the use of recyclable materials. 

Yes, cleaning must also be sustainable. For many years now, in Brisbane, ​​we have developed different programs based on principles, objectives, and lines of action that aim to help us move toward a better city. Hence, the people who live here and the companies that work in this environment must join this sustainable agenda, and cleaning management is no exception.

Trust a professional cleaning service company 

If, as an Office Manager, you want to ensure that cleaning tasks are really efficient but that their correct management allows you to save extra effort; it is best to hire a professional cleaning service company. 

We explain the reasons:

  • Before starting, we will design a cleaning plan tailored to your needs.
  • We will provide personalized advice based on your sector and activity
  • We will do a permanent follow-up that allows us to implement the improvements.
  • Professionals trained in your field will be at your disposal
  • we will implement the most appropriate procedures, technologies, and products in each case
  • We are in Brisbane and at your disposal 365 days a year 
  • We will help make your company more sustainable

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