8 Instances When You Need Legal Assistance in Dubai

An armed robbery is a legal matter and so is a traffic ticket. Now, both of the accused in these situations have different circumstances. But even then, they will need a lawyer to defend them. There are numerous legal matters, but you don’t need to get a lawyer for everything. It is wise to know which of the instances call for getting a lawyer.

For example, when the matter is pertaining to an employee working in the UAE, they need to be aware of the UAE Labour Law and how it protects them.

First of all, let’s take a look at the two legal categories:

1. Civil Law

Civil law covers all the legal issues that do not involve any lawbreaking or criminal activity or breaking the law. Usually, a party sues another party if they think that they were wronged in some way and need some compensation for that wrong that has been done to them.

Moreover, legal agreements, child custody matters, divorces, and real estate transactions all fall under civil law. In these matters, legal paperwork has to be done for the protection of all the parties.

2. Criminal Law

This law deals with offenses that break the laws of federal, local, and state governments. The lawyers hired by the government entity handle the prosecution. As for the defence, either a publicly appointed defender or a private defence attorney takes care of it. The latter is hired and paid by the defendant.

There are misdemeanours and felonies in criminal laws that mean small offenses and more serious crimes respectively.

If you find yourself in trouble with the law or you are facing the UAE legal system for any reason. You should first consult with an attorney so they can guide you in the best way possible.

When Do You Need Legal Advice?

Listed below are the instances when you need legal advice:

1. Business Startups

Regardless of whether you are doing it alone or with a partner, you cannot and should not try to navigate all the legalities by yourself. You need to be lawful and protected. A lawyer with a specialization in business can effectively take care of all these matters for you.

Listed below are the instances when you need legal advice:

2. Criminal Charges

Facing criminal charges, particularly in the UAE is a frightening experience. When you are in a different country, you may not even know your rights as an accused person. For that, one needs to get a lawyer immediately for protection of their rights so you may have someone to defend you no matter if you are guilty or not.

3. Car Accident & Injury

If you got injured in an accident due to the other person’s fault, the other guy’s insurance company would hurry to settle your claim as fast as they can. But, do not talk to any insurance company representative before consulting a personal injury attorney. Seasoned attorneys are familiar with all the laws as well as the normal compensation rates.

4. DUI

Driving under the influence is a serious offense in the UAE as public consumption or even coming to a public space drunk has legal repercussions. DUIs can result in fines, loss of license, jail time, and sometimes, all three. A good lawyer could help in reducing the charges, particularly if it is the first offence. Do not think about going to court without a lawyer on a DUI charge.

5. Drug Charges

Just like alcohol, using drugs is a serious offence in the UAE. Personally hired attorneys are a better option for the defendants comparatively those who take or don’t take a public defender. Usually, public defenders are on case overload and would usually recommend opting for a plea bargain. This is bad. If you can get a public defender, still try to get someone to help you with the money.

6. Lawsuits

You need a lawyer if someone is suing you based on loss that could result in significant loss of money or property. Since the other side has a lawyer, you need to get one too. Although most of these matters are settled out of court, you should have an experienced lawyer on your side as well.

7. Wills and Trusts

Setting up your will or trust with a trustworthy and reliable attorney could save your family from unnecessary disputes after your death. Set one as soon as you have a child and keep making changes to it as circumstances change.

8. Wrongful Discrimination or Termination at Workplace

If you are facing discrimination at the workplace or have been wrongfully fired from the job, you need to hire one of the best employment lawyers in Dubai who specializes in this type of law and can fight your case.

Since the other side has legal representation, so should you.

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