Adventurous Things To Do in Switzerland and Paris

Switzerland and Paris are the best two places for a holiday tour. There are many things to do in Switzerland & Paris with your family and friends. Sightseeing, stunning lakes, and beautiful towns are the specialty of Switzerland and Paris, and you can enjoy all these places in one Switzerland & Paris tour package with roaming routes.

Top Things to do in Switzerland & Paris

1. See the Stunning Lake Zurich

Zurich is mainly famous for its lakes and beautiful sights. Its clear blue-green water provides a stunning background for the photo. You can do many fun activities like windsurfing, waterskiing, or stand-up padding. There is a small island near the lake name lutzelau, and you can try local swiss cuisine like rosti, butter-fried fish, cheese, and great wine in cafes.
It is located at lake edges on the southeastern side of Zurich and opens at day time.

2. Take a walk down the history of the old town.

It is a historical place and significant to Zurich, it, also known as Altstadt, is the most beautiful area in Zurich. It is famous for long dark winding alleys, cobbled streets, ancient churches, and houses with charming bay windows. Many sites you can explore, like Bahnhofstrasse, antique stores, cafes, and the famous Giacometti murals.
Niederdorfstrasse 19, 8001 Zurich, and Cafes and bars in Old Town are open until midnight.

3. Explore the swiss national museum

It consists of the majestic beauty of its castle-like building, complete with arches, foyers, and turrets. G- shape building design in 18-century gives more value to this place. View exhibitions dating from the 4th century, such as weapons, utensils, rollers, furniture, paintings, etc.

4. Cruise the Limmat river

A great view from a boat and seeing the city from the water is the best way to enjoy a city tour. You can enjoy the city’s architecture and prominent landmarks like the great minster, town hall, the Lindenhof and national museum, etc.
The starting location of cruises is at the swiss national museum and ends at the same place.

5. See Exotic wildlife at the Zurich zoo.

It is one of the best zoos in Europe and is the best place for people who love wildlife and nature. In these zoos, you can see many inhabitants in two different parts highlands, deciduous & dry forests, etc. There is an extensive range of animals, birds, and reptiles like llama, Brahma chicken, Pygmy goat, Bactrian camels, etc.
It is located in Zürichbergstrasse 221, 8044 Zürich in Switzerland and The zoo is open from March to October from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. November to February: 9 am to 5 pm. To avoid crowds, see you early in the morning.

6. Dinner at the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant

Hilti is the best restaurant for vegetarian food in Switzerland. It came in the Guinness book of world records and was formed in 1898. It serves over a hundred dishes in the restaurant and has a pastry shop, bar, club, lounge, and even a cooking studio, it is located at Sihlstrasse 28, 8001 Zurich.

7. Attend the largest techno party at the street parade

This place is full of joy with thumping music, thousands of people dancing, and hundreds of DJs. Every year in august, Zurich hosts the world’s largest techno party in the form of this street parade. You can explore different music styles like dubstep and house. The parade begins in Utoquai and goes through Bellevue, Quaibrucke, and gets to Hafendamm Enge.

8. Visit the expensive shopping street Bahnhofstrasse

It is the most popular and costly shopping zone. This Street, stretching from Lake Zurich to Old Town, houses luxury brand stores of Burberry, Prada, Gubelin AG, Giorgio Armani, LVMH, etc. The Street starts at Bahnhofplatz and ends at Burkliplatz.

9. Enjoy the beauty of rhine falls.

Rhine falls are the most significant falls in Europe, high at 75 ft and around 500 ft wide. Seeing over 600,000 gallons of turquoise green waters crash to form powdery white foam and mist is a stunning sight. Located Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The easiest way to reach the falls from Zurich is to take a train to either Neuhausen Rheinfall station or Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall station.

10. Soak in a Thermal Spa

The city’s water comes directly from its springs and lakes, making it perfect to energize and soothe your body & soul, and there are many spas here to make it even more fun and luxurious.

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There are many activities or things to do in Switzerland & Paris which you can enjoy with your family and friends. Places like the Swiss national museum, Lake in Zurich, and more are the best tourist attraction in Switzerland and pairs which give the best life experience.

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