Bacteria live in your office. Do you know their favorite places?

When we talk about office and office cleaning. We immediately think of emptying litter bins, impeccable floors, a good organization. We carry maintenance work out in optimal conditions and give a good image.

But few people imagine that our office can be a place where millions of bacteria roam freely. That this is the reason for much sick leave in companies. 

Office Cleaning in post-pandemic

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. People have become much more aware of how easy it is to transmit viruses and bacteria. We stopped shaking hands as a way of formal greeting and hugging our loved ones. Because physical contact turned out to be one of the biggest transmitters of the coronavirus. 

Get used to washing our hands with soap and water much more frequently and conscientiously. We have also incorporated hydroalcoholic gels in our day-to-day. Yes, because our hands are usually carriers of viruses and bacteria that we deposit on everything we touch. 

Your office is no exception and the coexistence of many people in the same place for many hours. Involves an exchange of viruses and bacteria that you must consider. As an office manager, you already know that correct knowledge. The most sensitive areas and good management of office cleaning will be key to avoiding or, at least minimizing. For example, the spread of diseases among the workforce. 

The favorite corners of bacteria in the office

When there is a proposal for an office cleaning service, we take it into account. Those places are more sensitive to bacteria accumulation. This is why we pay special attention to reviewing them according to the procedures and with the appropriate products. Do you know which ones they are? We approach them as we walk into our work each day.  

Elevator buttons

Most of us intend to use the stairs for exercise, but we end up using the elevator several times a day. And of course, we all push the buttons. If we also add that the elevator in the building is not exclusive several companies share to your office, as in many buildings in Brisbane, ​​then extrapolate the number of people who can deposit bacteria in them throughout the day. 

Although during the pandemic many of us got used to pressing the elevator buttons with our elbows and even some keys that avoided touching the buttons became popular the greatest security is the one that gives you a correct cleaning of your office that deals with sensitive elements background. 

Office doors

We spend the day touching the doors, especially the handles, to enter, exit, open, and close. They are elements that undergo enormous handling and, although there are materials that help prevent the accumulation of bacteria, such as copper, bronze, zinc, or nickel, the truth is most of them are stainless steel. Well, precisely this material is the one that most favors its reproduction. 

Many companies have placed hydro alcoholic gel dispensers next to office doors, but in places, with a lot of traffic, it is impossible to be sure that everyone uses them. So the ideal is to ensure a good cleaning. 

Tables and desks

This will surprise you, but according to data from the University of Arizona, you find up to four hundred more bacteria on an office table than in a toilet. This is the place where we spend more hours of the day, therefore, the one that we touch the most throughout the day.

If you eat during your working hours within the company, it is important that you avoid doing so at your desk, not only to avoid all the bacteria that may have accumulated in it, but also because leaving food scraps there could attract the attention of other pests. That you don’t want in your office, like ants or cockroaches. 

Computer keyboard and mouse

Although they are usually for personal use, it may also be the case that several people share the same computer equipment. Whatever your case, during the office working day we spend the day typing, passing our hands and our fingers constantly over the keyboard and also over the computer mouse. It is also possible that hair, eyelashes, or some other saliva deposits between the keys, making it an element through which we can spread and get some kind of ailment. 

The telephones

Being an element that comes into very close contact with people’s mouths, people are usually more aware that germs, viruses, and bacteria can accumulate in it . Surely we have seen a colleague pass a handkerchief over the microphone before using the office telephone. 

But you have to clean the entire device, better with a suitable disinfectant since it is not only the parts that are closest to our face that are delicate, but many hands go through the phones throughout the day. 

Printers and copiers

We usually share printers and photocopiers devices in companies and the ones we use with the greatest carelessness. But many hands touch them throughout the day, especially the button area and the part designed to open the cover. 

The coffee machine

In front of the coffee machine, we usually meet with our office colleagues in a relaxed way, without worrying about all the hands that pass through there throughout the day. 

And, in this case, it is not just about the importance of proper external cleaning, but we also recommended that all its elements needs cleaning frequently. For example, the deposit containers where used capsules are very common places for the proliferation of different bacteria. 

The kitchen

More and more companies, precisely to prevent people from eating at desks or having only a coffee corner, are installing kitchens in their offices. 

Obviously, although it is a fantastic idea to work non-stop, make better use of time, and also to build community between teams, this is one of the critical points in office cleaning. 

All the elements that we find in a kitchen are likely to attract bacteria and here we could find the appearance of more serious health problems because of food contamination. 

Also, be careful with scouring pads, clothes, or clothes that must be clean. 

The bathrooms

They are another critical point in office cleaning since in them we find the most dangerous bacteria. But we are not only talking about the accumulation in the toilet itself, but taps, doors, and soap dispensers, among many others, must be perfectly clean and sanitized. 

Combating the proliferation of bacteria in our office is a huge and very important task to guarantee the safety of the people who work in it, therefore, having a professional office cleaning team can offer you enormous advantages that will free you from many worries. 

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