Guide to Bhandardara Camping


In Maharashtra’s Sahyadri Range, there is a hill town called Bhandardara. This pristine location offers breathtaking landscapes with lush vegetation, unpolluted hills, and of course, numerous magnificent waterfalls. Bhandardara is quickly emerging as a go-to destination for urban dwellers from Mumbai and Pune seeking a break in the arms of nature, especially when you consider the stunning Arthur lake, Kalsubai trek, and numerous camping spots. Learn more about how to organize your trip by reading on!


Consider a picturesque setting with a glistening blue lake, cozy tents set up along its edge, and a sky dotted with countless stars. The skies are a variety of shades of blue, purple, and orange as the Sun sets and rises with utmost charm.

We’re glad you’re here at Arthur Lake, one of the hill station’s most well-liked attractions. While the monsoon and winter months provide opportunities for trekking and camping, the pre-monsoon season calls for the sighting of hundreds of fireflies, and Bhandardara’s abundance of crystal clear streams and waterfalls, fishing, and boating make it a year-round tourist destination.

For tourists of all types who are looking for a piece of nature and relaxation, Bhandardara provides an unmatched array of options. Because of its proximity to Mumbai and steadily expanding tourist facilities, it is a must-visit weekend getaway location.

Ideal time to travel:

  • The monsoon season, which lasts from July to September, is the best time to visit waterfalls and see the most greenery in the hills.
  • The best time to go camping and hiking is from October to February, when the weather is chilly enough to enjoy a barbecue.
  • Summer is typically hot and dry, making it a poor time to travel. However, hotels offer fantastic off-season rates, and the lake itself is still incredibly lovely with welcoming

Here are a few of the Bhandardara tourist attractions that come highly recommended.

Lake, Arthur

The Pravara River creates the Arthur Lake, which has religious significance as this is where Agastya Rishi meditated for more than a year. It serves as a reservoir for the nearby Wilson Dam and is about 34 km long. The clear skies and placid lake, which has boating amenities, are beautiful pretty much all day long. As the sun rises and sets, stars emerge to illuminate the night sky. This area is a must-see destination in Bhandardara because of the opportunities for setting up tents, having bonfires, stargazing, and hiking through the dense forests nearby.

LOCATION: Located about 2 kilometers away from the village of Bhandardara.


Overlooking the Sahyadri mountain range is this old fort. At 4,255 feet above sea level, Ratangad provides stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The peak has a natural rock formation known as “Eye of the Needle” or “Nedhe,” which is a rock cavity.

For every outdoor enthusiast, it is a must-see location known as the “Jewels of the Fort.”

LOCATION: About 12 kilometers away from Bhandardara.


The temple’s deity is Lord Shiva, and it’s been around for a while. Even a hot spring is located below the Shiv Lingam. This location was allegedly constructed by the Pandavas during the Mahabharata, according to some ancient texts. The temple’s other distinguishing feature—that it is entirely made of stone—is that it is surrounded by a pond that is decorated with numerous impressive carvings of gods.

This temple is located at the foot of the Ratandgad fort in Ratanwadi.


It becomes the stunning “Randha Waterfall” as it plunges from a dizzying height of 170 feet, making it the third largest waterfall in India. People can walk around the waterfall on a path and view it. Many tourists swim in the pond that the waterfall has formed. For city dwellers looking to spend a fun weekend in the great outdoors, the location is perfect thanks to the cool refreshing breeze and lush surroundings.


The Pravara River, which forms the waterfall, is located 10 km from Bhandardara and is a significant hydroelectric power source in the area. Bhandardara town is about a 30-40 minutes drive from here.


Want to have an amazing and magical experience? Then come here for your subsequent hike!

The Sandhan Valley experiences an odd phenomenon during the monsoons, which is the occurrence of a reverse waterfall as a result of the high pressure winds and rainfall. Given that Sandhan Valley is also known as the Grand Canyon of Maharashtra, it is a unique destination for trekkers. Don’t forget to bring a raincoat and sturdy shoes!


Samrad, the trek’s starting point, is about 23 km from Bhandardara and takes an hour to get to.


We suggest the following packing list for hiking and camping around Bhandardara:

  • Backpack
  • A simple pair of trekking shoes or even running shoes will do for trekking.
  • Candle or headlamp
  • Dry snacks like wafers, bars with nuts, or biscuits.
  • A decent sleeping bag or blanket (for Camping)
  • Poncho or raincoat
  • A DSLR with a wide angle lens works well for taking pictures of beautiful scenery.
  • Consider bringing a portable travel safe when you go camping to keep all of your valuables secure inside your tent.
  • Because there aren’t many proper restrooms at the campsite and along the trek, women should bring Peebuddy.

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