Hospitality involves the organising of tasks which need to be managed on a continuous basis in hotel, resorts. The main aim is to make the hotel atmosphere warm, that guests are welcomed nicely, and the guests are taken care of properly in every way possible. Hospitality courses are one of the emerging fields in the current industry. Students choose this course as it has a high employment factor in India as well as abroad. There are many countries in the world which only depend on travel and tourism. After completing hospitality courses, students get recruited by top companies. 

Hospitality management is a wider concept which gives you directions that cover industries ranging from the  hotel industry to food, beverages, travel and tourism. Being a graduate in hospitality courses your  job is to take care of the guests in every possible need, whether it’s an administrative task or a casino or restaurant or room service or the front desk to the cleaning department. You have to maintain things smoothly for guests without any interruption. You have to give the best hospitality, customer oriented mindset is the main principle of hospitality courses. leadership and responsibility combines and gives hospitality management.

Hospitality courses are not only classroom study, it needs practical training which gives you  experience. Hospitality courses cover sales and marketing, human resource management, financial management, property management, public relation, catering  and other topics. This can be a challenging, but rewarding career. 

Hospitality management is found in hotels, motel, resorts and condos and also found in transportation, casino, restaurant, and many other fields, so each type has its own needs. you need to be clear in which field you need to be specialised. 


It is located in Gurugram, Haryana. Near the Hyatt regency. It has 18 campuses.

It is an ultra modern campus, with world class infrastructure. ISH has two main courses which are BBA in hospitality management and BA(hons.) in culinary arts. 

They also provide certificate programmes for 1 or 2 year basis. Also offers postgraduate programmes in service management in alliance with les roches, enabling students to pursue global degree pathways at one of the world leading hospitality business schools. They have ties with one of the top schools of hospitality in Switzerland and france institutions which give you world class facilities to educate and allow you to work globally as interns. BBA in hospitality programme is offered in alliance with les roches, one of the best hospitality schools in Switzerland. The world class teacher gives you the best advice and teaches you both theoretically and practically. The diverse and immensely talented culinary team at ISH brings with them decades of rich experience which the students take benefit from. Teaching them the importance of research and being agile. 


It is a 4 year programme. With 2 industry internships. You will be benefited with international placements and internships. Also you can complete your semester in Les roches in Switzerland or Spain which will make your academic session international  and extraordinary. ISH provides scholarship and financial aid. The pathways to Spain and Switzerland are crystal clear in ISH. You will have further opportunities as you can continue in MBA for more beneficial pathways in Switzerland and spain. 

You can study semesters abroad which will help you in international experience. ISH conducts culinary workshops every weekend at its state of the art campus, you can join as a masterclass. The knowledge sharing that happens face to face, the lively atmosphere of campus life, and the sense of community when everyone comes together.


They have good relationships with top companies giving you the best experience. The academic and industry connect will give you the opportunity to learn from the biggest names from the industry. They are a part of global education. They offer a portfolio of international programmes.  You can have benefits from global curriculums and pedagogy. The international campus in India gives pathways to Switzerland, Paris, Spain and Singapore. The founder of ISH and CEO Dilip Puri and Elise Masurel, the director of École ducasse campus in India which was recently inaugurated, were both in the opening ceremony of this campus. 

They have a powerful academic and industrial connection in india. ISH is just not a campus, it is a community and events happen on a daily basis. Friends become family at ISH. Which is why it is more than a college. They have the best technology and equipment. The classrooms give you motivation. They create innovative and entrepreneurial minds which will lead tomorrow.

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