House cleaning: how to organize house cleaning

Ready to clean the house thoroughly? Let’s see together how to deal with professional cleaning with organization and speed.

How to organize house cleaning

The saying “Who starts well is half the battle” obviously applies in this case too, so the sooner you start and the sooner you finish. To get the best out of it, make a mental outline to figure out where to start. Also make a list of all those things you’ve been putting off for too long. The knots are coming to a head, but you will be the one to win this battle!

House cleaning: where to start?

First, tidy up a little – throw out the old things and take the ones you are fond of but don’t use to the basement. The fewer items you have, the sooner you will thoroughly clean every corner of the house. A useful tip is to organize your work by also making a weekly plan so it will be easy for you to understand at a glance what you have not cleaned in a long time. Having an outline will also help you be more organized in the future. As for the weekly routine, you already know that the bathroom is good to clean it every day. Floors at least every other day, especially if you have children or pets in the house. You should dust every three days – the dust on the furniture, unfortunately, builds up quickly. The kitchen requires deep cleaning at least three times a week. Instead, you can rearrange it at two different times: for lunch and dinner.

Now that your weekly plan is also ready, and you have promised to respect it so that you will no longer find yourself with water in your throat, let’s start the real organization. Ventilate the whole house well. You should do it every day, but haste often prevents you from always doing everything at your best, it is normal. Prepare your allies: all the products that are part of your cleaning kit!

Here is everything you need for the perfect cleaning of the house:

Rags – which you will choose to accord to the floors and surfaces you have in the house, such as the mop in microfiber for the bathroom or the Odor STOP – antibacterial – to prevent the proliferation of germs of bacteria. Provide your own rubber glove kit to preserve your hands. Sponges – many sponges – a specific one for each surface you are going to wash. And last – but not least – all your trusted cleaners and degreasers. You don’t need a lot of them, but try to have all the ones suitable for every material you have at home. Antirust, spray, for every surface, glass has different needs than marble; carefully consider which ones to buy. Now you are really ready to tackle professional house cleaning.

Get pen holders to organize your desk or that of the kids. A container or drawer to collect all your remotes that are around. A magazine rack to put next to the sofa and some folders so as not to leave too many fluttering papers lying around. The last containers that will be useful to you are some plastic – or paper – boxes to collect all the toys around and give them a specific place. In this you can also get help from your children: every time they finish playing everything is immediately put back in the box!

How to do a thorough c?

Now let’s see how to clean every room of your home in a really efficient way.

Decide in advance how much time to spend on a particular room. If you try to respect the times you have given yourself, you will be sure not to neglect the other rooms in the house. First, what you dust carefully. Take a dust-catching cloth – moisten it with a sprayer – and wipe it on your TV, shelves, stereo, and any visible surfaces you have. During this step, it is important that every window in the house is open to ventilate the house well. In the bedroom, change the sheets and let the duvet and pillows air in as well.

How to clean the kitchen?

If done with organization, cleaning the kitchen could take as little as 15 minutes. Clean the table with a sponge and dry it with kitchen paper. To quickly clean the worktop, take a detergent and hot water. Wipe it all over the shelf and dry it with a cotton cloth, so you won’t have unpleasant paper residues. Next time you fry put some aluminum foil on your stove – without covering the flame. It resists heat and protects the entire floor.

How to clean the bathroom?

As for the kitchen, here too you can get the best results in a short time. Clean the sink with a sponge, hot water, and an anti-limescale product. Then dry it with an old towel to polish it. To clean everything in a short time you can use the anti-limescale agent, fast and effective. Thoroughly clean the toilet with a disinfectant product and dry it with kitchen paper. Complete the job by cleaning even the most hidden corners of the toilet with the help of a gel provided with a spout. Leave it on for a while and rinse it several times with plenty of water. Now it is the turn of the mirror, reached every day by a thousand splashes of water. Arm yourself with a specific product for glass and dry it with old newspaper sheets, it will shine again in the blink of an eye.

If done with the right products, even brooming becomes child’s play. Equip yourself with a duster – like the practical Vileda one with an extendable telescopic handle. You can also spray it with scented dust removed to give your cleaning a personal touch. Pass it in all the rooms quickly. It starts from the bedrooms, then to the kitchen and in the last living room. You can mop – or mop – your floors. Grab the bucket and add warm water and your favorite scented cleanser. Leave the windows still open so you create a draft and the floor will dry sooner.  

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