How to draw a treasure chest

How to draw a treasure chest. While pirates were enough threats when they traveled through the seven seas, they tore literature and cinema with many associated icons.

One of the most classic pirate troops is that of a spoil-filled treasure chest to be buried, and learning to draw a treasure chest can be a fun way to imagine all these pirate goals!

If you already wanted to imagine what it would be like to be a cable Luciano, it will be the perfect tutorial!

These cool drawings of treasure chest will show how you can imagine your own pirate’s reserve!

Drawing Treasury Chest

Step 1:

In this first stage of our guide on how to draw a treasure chest, we will start with the contour of the chest.

For this step, you should use a rule if you have practice because we intend to have straight edges for the -lames and the cover.

For the opening of the chest and lid, we will draw two rectangles connected. The reference image will guide it at the angle these rectangles must be.

The lower rectangle will also have short gaps where the treasure will be spread.

Finally, add a rounded line to the right side of the lid and draw straight lines on the lower corners. Finally, we will draw a wrapped card inside the chest.

Step 2:

A treasure chest is as impressive as the treasure it contains, and it seems that what rocked this trunk had real transportation! In this part of your treasure chest design, we designed a chic crown in a small pillow with pieces.

This crown will enter the bottom left side of the chest, and we will use a variety of curved and linear lines to draw it.

There will also be a small rounded crown on top, and you can draw the pillow on which you are sitting.

Before the next step, you can use rounded shapes for certain pieces sitting next to the crown.

Step 3:

We will add a few more treasures to the image at this stage of our guide on how to draw a treasure chest.

At this stage, we will show you a little of the treasure we imagine being in this door, but you should feel comfortable adding other treasured pieces you want!

We add some more circular shapes to show some more parts inside the chest to start.

Then we added many small circles connected to show some pearl strings that place on the chest.

These pearls will also fill some of the smallest gaps you left on edge. Finally, we added some small triangular forms to certain diamonds from the treasure.

Step 4:

In this fourth part of your Treasury Ark design, we will keep the Treasury’s attention at the moment as we focus on certain details for the metal door.

First, add another rectangular form inside the cover perimeter for the inside of the lid.

Then add a curved line curved to the left side. Once designed, you can add straight lines to a wooden effect.

Then draw square shapes within the front perimeters and on the chest side and add straight lines for more wood texture.

You can also draw a rounded lock hole in front of the chest.

Then you will be ready for some details and final elements in the next part!

Step 5:

How to draw a treasure chest

Before we start adding colors in the last step of this guide on how to draw a treasure chest, we will first add some last treasure pieces to finish it.

It is another step when you can be creative with it and add exclusive treasure pieces to the image.

As for what we added, we drew more pieces stacked on each other with some pearl strings with some small glasses.

We would add these types of pieces to this treasure chest, but what can you think about it?

Step 6:

How to draw a treasure chest

Now it’s time to finish your treasure ark design, adding amazing colors that will give life!

In our example image, we kept the colors for the pleasant and bright treasure, incorporating yellows, reds, and other vibrant colors.

Then, for the chest, we use brown and gray for the wooded and metallic parts, respectively.

These are the colors we choose, but you should feel comfortable using other people you want!

Can you also have fun choosing the art media you will use to color in this image when you think it would best fit it?

4 Other ways to make your chest drawing

Find some tips to value while we make your treasure chest even better!

There are many amazing treasures in this treasure chest design we created together. However, there is still room for the better, which is a great way to customize the image.

Even if you keep all the treasure, you can add all kinds of precious things inside and around. You can always do with more jewelry, diamonds, and gold coins!

What could other treasures be contained in this treasure chest?

When we consider treasure chests, we likely associate them with pirates. For this reason, adding a pirate character to this drawing of a treasure chest can be a lot of fun!

The pirate can be designed in any style you like to finish this fun scene. They could be placed as they looked at the chest, or perhaps the foot may rest in a powerful pose.

You don’t have to attach to conventional art media when coloring this chest sketch of the treasure. You can use all kinds of fun media to make it amazing!

For example, you can use handicrafts to make the treasure more dynamic. Using small pearls and stickers would make the treasure look more 3D.

Using glitter or glitter necklaces can also make the treasure shine!

Finally, once you finish customizing this drawing to value, you can add a background! It is something you could have a lot.

The first scenario that comes to mind is a small island in the middle of the ocean with a palm tree. It would be a classic scenario for a treasure chest, but you can go with all the other parameters you might think.

What would be the ideal background to finish this treasure chest?

Your treasure chest drawing is complete!

You finished the six steps of this guide on how to draw a treasure chest, and we hope you have fun imagining pirate goals!

This guide shows that making this drawing can be fun and easy, but it is also designed to offer some freedom to your details.

We will be happy to see the creative keys you use!

When ready for your next drawing challenge, you can consult our site for many other guides like this.

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