How to Improve IELTS Writing Task?

IELTS Writing Task

Many people struggle to prepare for the IELTS exams, which are known to be difficult and test everyone’s language skills as much as possible. For many people, part of writing a test can be the most stressful, but don’t worry; we have a few great tips for anyone who might find it difficult. In this bog, let’s discuss how to improve IELTS writing task. Take a look at some of our insights and tips and you will definitely pass the IELTS written test. You can also consult to overseas education consultants.

Tips to Improve IELTS Writing Task

Comprehend timely

Whether you are writing for an academic or general exam or are in Task 1 or Task 2, make sure you understand exactly what the application requires of you to do. If you are writing a letter, be sure to identify the registry (formal or informal) and know what greetings and how they are acceptable. If you are writing an outlook essay, make sure you can recognize both sides of the problem. If you are describing graphs or processes, first determine what the graphs show, then identify key trends and useful features for comparison. Once you have gathered your thoughts around the task, you can start your paper plan.

Constantly make an Sketch

Before you start writing, you need to conceptualize. Students sometimes argue that because it is a time-tested test, they should not spend precious minutes developing a plan. That’s just not right! The concept saves you time, which keeps you focused while writing so you don’t stray too far from the topic. The plan will also help you organize your ideas and put them in the best order before you start writing. Most importantly, having a good plan means that you can focus on the language you are using (vocabulary and sentence structure) rather than the ideas you are proposing.

For body paragraphs, your plan should only reflect the main topic of the paragraph, the facts used, and if appropriate (Task 2), how it supports your thesis statement. You don’t have to write anything in the outline for your conclusion, because the conclusion is a repetition or summary of your argument and you don’t come up with any new ideas. In the case of writing a letter (General Task 1) a formal conclusion is needed or not.

Always Ready to Learn Something

When writing an essay on the concept stage, determine the procedure for presenting your ideas. The strongest paragraph of your body should be the first, as it will create the first and most important impression of your reader. If you have three body paragraphs, put the best paragraph first, then the weakest in the middle, and finally the strongest in the second. This way your reader will leave a good impression on your essay.

Keep as Simple as Possible

It is important to remember that the IELTS written test is not a test of how well you know the subject or how smart you are. They will evaluate your ability to present ideas in English. It is therefore important that paragraphs and sentences be constructed in such a way that they present one idea in one sentence and one control idea in one paragraph. Support your arguments with arguments (examples or explanations), then end your paragraph by linking the support to your dissertation.

Put Focus on Verbal Communication, Not Extent

Writing IELTS should not be lengthy, although you should target the required number of words (150 and 250 words). The task of 2 essays should have only two strong paragraphs, although three of these is definitely a plus if you can handle it. You get accurate and natural scores for using complex sentence structure and a strong vocabulary. Instead of worrying about the length of the essay, take the time to include an interesting dictionary and avoid repeating words. When preparing for the IELTS exam, you should work to build your own dictionary for a variety of topics. Additionally, you can group synonyms or related words on a flash card. This will help you think about synonyms when writing.

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