Who Did Melissa Roxburgh Play in the Supernatural

Melissa Roxburgh

If you are a fan of the TV show “Supernatural,” then you may be curious about who Melissa Roxburgh plays. She is best known as the actress who plays Violet Durant. But before we get into her role on the show, let’s look at some of her other roles.

TV Series Manifest

Melissa Roxburgh is an American actress who has a net worth of $1 million. She has starred in two episodes of the hit show Supernatural, as Lila Taylor in Season 7 and Violet Duval in Season 9. Roxburgh is also known for her role as Michaela Stone in the TV series Manifest.

International Rescue Committee

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Melissa Roxburgh is the daughter of British and Canadian parents. She has two siblings and a younger brother. She likes to keep her personal life private, so she has not disclosed if she is married or has children. However, she has expressed her interest in social justice and has volunteered for various charities including the International Rescue Committee.

Roxburgh is the daughter of actor Jack Roxburgh and Canadian actress Melissa Roxburgh. She was born on December 10, 1992. Her father was an actor and her mother was a singer. In the 1970s, Roxburgh’s first name was spread widely.

Supernatural Bloodlines

Melissa Roxburgh has been cast as the final series regular in the new Supernatural spin-off “Supernatural: Bloodlines.” The spin-off will be based on the popular Fox TV series and will explore the mafia-like monster families in Chicago. Roxburgh will play Violet Durant, a member of a powerful werewolf pack who must hide her true nature from the public in order to protect the people she loves.

The spin-off is supposed to begin in the series’ tenth season. Roxburgh has previously appeared in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid films, and will soon appear in the upcoming movie The Marine 4. She has also appeared on the television series “Supernatural.”

Third World Countries

Melissa Roxburgh is a Canadian actress. She was born on December 10, 1992. She is the second oldest of four siblings. Her father is a church pastor. Roxburgh grew up in Vancouver, Canada. She has two sisters and one brother. She is very active in her community, and is a strong supporter of the International Rescue Committee, which provides aid to third-world countries.

Melissa Roxburgh played Holly Taylor on the NBC series Manifest. She has been acting since the age of eleven. Her career started in the Broadway musical Billy Elliot. At the age of eleven, she played the role of Sharon Percy on stage. Later, she starred in several movies and TV series.

Lila Taylor’s Mother

Melissa Roxburgh played Violet Duval on the hit show “Supernatural.” She also played Lila Taylor’s mother in the Season 9 episode “Bloodlines.” As a child, Roxburgh knew she wanted to be an actress but decided to try out band instead. Luckily, a teacher convinced her to give acting a try and she quickly developed a love for it. Today, she is an accomplished actress who captivates audiences all over the world.

Melissa Roxburgh was born in British Columbia, Canada. She is a Canadian and is the second oldest child of four children. She is also very active in humanitarian causes, having volunteered with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and traveled to Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Albania. Melissa Roxburgh has a strong interest in human rights and social justice issues, and has served as a GenR leader for the organization.

Younger Michaela Stone

Melissa Roxburgh played the father of Holly Taylor on the hit show “Supernatural.” She also played the daughter of KGB agents on “The Americans.” The show’s third season finale, “Manifest,” focused on the passengers and crew of a commercial airliner. Roxburgh is a detective in the 129th Precinct for the NYPD and is married to Zeke Stone. Ariana Jalia plays a younger Michaela Stone.

Final Steps:

Roxburgh was born in Vancouver, Canada. After graduating from high school, she began acting. She first landed her first major role in the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. After that, she starred in the sequel, Dog Days, playing Heather Hills. Since then, Roxburgh has acted in several movies and television shows. She has starred in Big Time Movie and Leprechaun: Origins. She also had a recurring role in the ABC series “The Good Doctor.”

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