Minitab Vs. Matlab, Which one is the better choice?

Matlab along with Minitab are both tools used for manipulation and visualization of data. While both programs serve the same purpose but some of their functions differ greatly. In this blog, we will explain you Minitab Vs. Matlab, Which one is the better choice.

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Because these tools aren’t expensive and they are in a particular area of application, it is important to know what features they have and what they do not have prior to making the final decision.

This article will explore the distinctions between these two mathematical and statistical software. We hope it can assist you in deciding which is the best for you.

User Interface

In terms of the user interface both programs have user interfaces that differ in their user interfaces. Minitab is usually much easier to utilize than Matlab.

It features an interface that permits users to enter data that is like Microsoft Excel. There’s an easy way to enter standard statistical methods such as regression or time series with smaller amounts of amount of data. By using a point-and-click interface, it’s extremely user-friendly for beginners.

However, Matlab is a bit more complicated. It is geared towards engineers and scientists, and comes with an interface for command line. To be able to master this program you must master the programming language. Any other tests than the basic tests could be difficult or impossible. Because it is a long time to master Matlab and isn’t the ideal choice for beginners.


Matlab is a full set of built-in processes and is a perfect application-based research tool. It is a great tool for applied and pure maths, and also for computational computing. It also provides pretty decent visuals as well as charts for functions as well as equations.

Minitab, however, isn’t as robust. It’s not able to handle the most advanced techniques or complicated data structures. Its function is much more in the academic field. Because of its user-friendly interface, and the absence of having to master a programming language, students can concentrate exclusively on the data.


Both of these programs have the ability to apply a variety techniques. The main focus of Matlab is mathematical operations, and it’s able to cope better with large matrices, functions and functions. Minitab excels in statistics, using many available methods.

The tools are able to perform techniques that include multivariate methods, principal component analysis as well as descriptive statistics. It’s all about your preference to concentrate on mathematical structures that are complex and difficult issues, or simply statistics.


The requirements for the system are different between the two applications. Minitab is a low-requirement program as compared to Matlab, whereas Matlab is an extremely heavyweight.

Minitab’s minimum requirements are at least 512MB of RAM. it is recommended to have at least 1GB to run the program efficiently. In the present, anyone with an electronic device should have more efficient set-up than that. Also, you’ll need 160MB of space on your hard drive.

Matlab however, on the other hand, requires an upgraded computer. It’s best if you have at minimum 2GB of RAM in addition, you need at the very least 4GB of storage space.

Additionally, Matlab is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Minitab, however, will only be used with Windows.


Minitab offers a variety of plans. If you wish to use the program for yourself you’ll have to shell out $2,390. There’s also a annual multi-user plan, where 10 users are able to make use of the program for a single year at about $8,000. The price for a permanent 10-user plan is $32,250.

Matlab has a variety of licenses. The most common license costs around $2200. It means you’ll install, run and maintain the program by yourself.

You can also get an academic license for professors or student at the educational establishment. It’s available at a discounted price that allows students to pay just $23 per semester for their study.

Which One Is Better?

As you can see, both the applications are expensive and you should take into consideration all aspects prior to opting for either. Both have distinct segments and will have their fan base and dissatisfied users.

For students, teachers or people who don’t have any prior experience in programming languages Minitab may be a more suitable option. It’s user-friendly and requires only a few hours to master. It is equipped with a virtual assistant that guides you through simple statistical analysis and elaborate summary.

If you are a statistician, Minitab provides a more user-friendly performance. It offers a fantastic visual output, and you can import all of the graphs into Microsoft Office, too. This program is lightweight however, you’ll must have Windows to access it.

However, Matlab has much more to offer and can be used with a variety of platforms. However, it does have an arduous learning curve. It’s also costly however, it offers discounts to students and universities. If you are looking for a program to perform complex math You might want to test Matlab.

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