Teen bedroom: offer space with aesthetics

Teen bedroom

Teenagers – walking monsters or adorable creatures? Both! The arrangement of a room for young people is therefore a matter that requires careful planning. A teenager’s room is not characterized by a particular lifestyle, but rather by the variety of requirements it has to meet. It’s not just a question of room design. Young people are no longer children. Their old children’s rooms and the furniture from that era simply no longer suit them. They want to change, it’s time for them to have a new bed, a new wardrobe, a new phase of life! We’ll show you how to creatively design your teen’s room.

What makes a youth room?

An adult lives in his own apartment and can therefore relocate his activities to different rooms. He sleeps in the bedroom, works in the office, and plays, watches TV, reads, or meets friends in the living room. For a child, on the other hand, the bedroom must above all be a place where he feels comfortable. A piece that should reflect and underline his personality, have his own colors, patterns and objects that he likes. The child identifies strongly with his room. A teenager’s room is a transition between a child’s room and his first apartment.

For this reason, the teenager’s room should not be too childish. She must emphasize her personality with furniture that corresponds to her tastes and codes. We must not forget that the activities of a teenager resemble those of an adult. A bed to sleep in, a space for friends, a place to work and all sorts of storage space should find their place in this one quintessential multifunctional piece. A teenager’s room must both offer all the advantages of an apartment, with a sleeping area and a day area, and guarantee as much security as a child’s room. Not easy to satisfy a teenager!

How to arrange a teenager’s room?

  • Fact 1: The joy of experimentation: In a state of rebellious uproar, furniture is sometimes sprayed, glued with stickers or repainted, in short – reset. It is therefore not worth investing in expensive and overly sophisticated furniture. White, neutral and somewhat invisible furniture will do just fine.
  • Fact 2: The teen bedroom should express its own personality. Youth is a state of constant change! This is why it is recommended to choose furniture with basic shapes and simple colors. Thus, to quickly change the general appearance of the room, it will be enough just to modify the decoration.
  • Fact 3: Cleaning is not the most important thing for young people. This is why the teenager’s room must be easy to store and clean. Easy-to-clean surfaces, a laundry basket and trash can, and a coat rack can work wonders.
    Fact 4: Friends are very important to young people. Our teenager will appreciate, for sure, having a place to receive them. A pull-out sofa or king-size bed with a bedspread will provide space to sleep at night and double as a sitting area during the day.

Casual Lifestyles for Teenage Rooms

Teen bedroom furnishings are based on adult furnishing styles. But the style doesn’t have to be too pure and elegant. Most teenagers are very fond of colorful and quirky styles. We show you the best furnishing styles for young people.

Retro teen bedroom

This way of life is currently experiencing a real comeback among young people. It is no longer difficult to get them out of bed for a walk on the Saint-Ouen flea market where they can find an old record player and a vintage radio. The youth room thus becomes a place of retreat thanks to a colorful layout and personal details such as walls redone by themselves.

Girl’s room

The personality of young girls changes considerably. Fashion and beauty become a top priority for many of them. Chances are they’ll love a dreamy four-poster bed, ruffled cushions or a chic mirror with a gold or silver frame.

Purist bedroom for the teenager

Boys are less interested in a neat and pampered interior. Simple and practical, that’s their motto. Often, so little is enough to set the mood and personalize your boy’s room. Let your children do the talking and create a suitable and harmonious teenager’s room!

Modern bedrooms for teens: These color combinations are particularly beautiful.

A teenager’s bedroom usually only lasts a few years. Therefore, do not be afraid of color and turn the bedroom into a real teenage dream. Let your teenager do the talking, together you will create a haven in which he can take refuge if he wants to.

Tip: Create a neutral base with matching furniture. Go for models at Homary! Thus the decorative elements can be easily exchanged. In no time, your teen will be able to give their room a new look. As for the furniture, it can be passed on to younger brothers and sisters.

Favorite colors of teenagers: pink and turquoise

Pink and turquoise are the two tones very often used in teenage bedrooms. These bright and friendly colors are not too intrusive and give the room a new visual touch. You can combine the two tones in your children’s room. But be careful not to overdo it.

Colorful teen wallpapers

How to give cheerfulness to the walls? Think colorful wallpapers with beautiful patterns. Apply a harmonious blend of green and blue to it. Your teenager can relax there after a hard day at school.
But the choice of color should depend on the taste of the teenager. If you let it express itself, it can give you ideas and inspire you. However, the final decision on how to decorate the room should be made by the teenager.

Living, sleeping, working, relaxing: a teenager’s bedroom is a combo that combines several rooms into one. An intelligent layout of this room is therefore essential and must take into account the personal preferences of its tenant.

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