The Best Eyeshadow Looks For Every Occasion

If you wish to know the value of eyeshadows, ask a makeup lover. Your makeup is never complete without an eyeshadow. Eye beautification is the most important part of the pro makeover. Without the perfect eyeshadow, the makeup look is never complete. Therefore, everyone gives their eye beautification ample time. So it is necessary to put effort into eyeshadows to get a proper look. Eyeshadows are available in numerous types and styles. You can find a list of products in the market when you go eyeshadow shopping. A good eye show application requires a good quality product. It is best to opt for custom eyeshadow packaging that shows the details of the product. The customized eyeshadow boxes always illustrate the products in an enlightening manner, so it allows the shopper to purchase according to their preference.

Eyeshadow Looks for Every Occasion:

It is undeniable that product choice is critical in the purchase, but without proper application, you can never get a pro look. Therefore, even if you purchase the best custom eyeshadow boxes, still you have to learn different eyeshadow styles. There are many ways to adorn eyes with eyeshadow, and some of the styles have been gaining great popularity. There are a few eyeshadow styles that you can wear on most occasions like:

Custom Eyeshadow Boxes

Natural Eyeshadow:

Nowadays, with the rising minimalist trend, people have also gone more towards natural looks. Although many individuals like to use makeup but instead of a heavy look, they prefer light ones. So natural eyeshadow style is one of the simplest and most popular styles to wear. It is easier to apply and look perfect on all occasions. You can wear this look, whether going out for a walk or a formal event.

For this, you can opt for any color, preferably light. Also, the colors must be close to your natural tones to give a natural allure. The natural eyeshadow can be paired with light shades and a nude lip.

Shimmery Eyeshadow:

The traditional style of eyeshadow has always been shimmer. People from old times put shimmer on their eyelids to enhance their look. With time, the shimmery eyeshadow has been modified in many ways. There are shimmery and glittery options for eyeshadow.

These shiny eyeshadows are perfect for all events, especially the night ones. You can pop your event with the glittery eyeshadow. For this, you can use a single glitter, or you can use a combination. Glitter eyeshadows are usually bright and give a prominent look. For glittery eyeshadow, put a base shade then glitter eyeshadow over the lid.

Cat Eyeshadow:

Cat eyes have had great popularity in recent times. People who like bold and sharp looks always style their eyes in this way. For cat eyeshadow, you have to put subtle and nude shades like tones of brown, black, and gray. These shades can be used to form a base of fading styles. These colors are necessary as the cat look is completed through eyeliner. So apply shade match it with eyeliner to get flawless cat eyes that work for every event.

Gradient Eyeshadow:

It is a misconception that gradient eyeshadow styles are difficult. However, these are some of the easiest ones. Gradient eyeshadows are versatile, and you can get a natural or bold mix through them. For this, you have to select two or three shades that match one another. You can opt for colors that match your outfit. Apply the shades in a sequence, then blend them to create a gradients path. The gradients follow the sequence of light to darker from the inner lid to the outer eyelid.

Halo Eyeshadow:

The halo style has become greatly popular. The halo eyeshadows are the combination of two colors, one light and the other bold. These colors must contrast with each other. For this, you have to apply the light eye shadow on the outer and the inner lids. The darker eyeshadow must be in the middle of the eyes.

Create a line of a circle in the middle of the eyelids, which is the halo, and blend it with the light eyeshadows on the side. The is eyeshadow can work for any event. Also, you can give both bold and light looks with this eyeshadow style, depending upon the intensity.

Smoky Eyeshadow:

As soon as smoky eyeshadows entered the trend, all other styles were out of fashion. Smoky eyes are known for their sexy and bold look. Mostly shades of brown, gray, white, and black are used in smoky eyes. The smoky eyes are most difficult to master; it is best to use a black undertone for smoky eyes.


In conclusion, eyeshadows are a must for perfect makeup. There are many popular eyeshadow styles like natural, smoky, gradient, etc. And the packaging of eyeshadow is very important factor for brand awarness. So pack your eyeshadow in custom printed eyeshadow packaging boxes to make your eyeshadow brand visible in market.

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