The Importance of Cleanliness in a Hotel

Cleanliness is always important, whether it is cleaning a house or an office. But if we are also talking about a hotel, it must be impeccable. Since the client can take a bad image and not return.

1.- The first sensation is the one that counts.

It is important that the client’s first impression of cleanliness, organization, and quality. Whatever the hotel is and whatever stars it may have.

For that, you must present an unforgettable experience for users. Surprise them, meet and exceed their expectations.

2.- A single negative review can sink the reputation of a hotel establishment.

Today, customers are actively looking for additional information and reviews about accommodations before they book. Having a good comment on social networks, web pages, or any other platform. Where the hotel is mentioned, will be a point in favor.

Many hotels use Big Data to search for the activity that users leave when browsing the internet, as you can read here. In this way, they can find out what customers expect from their stay at the hotel. What their experiences have been in other hotels; it’s a way to get ahead of guest reviews and comments.

Of course, if there is a negative review about a hotel, it can be stopped, how? In this post, they tell you.

3.- The importance of cleaning bathrooms.

The Australian gives the cleanliness of hotels in bathrooms a 7.8. Therefore, nine out of ten clients consider the state of the bathroom and its cleanliness to be very important.

Having specific products for hotel cleaning bathrooms is very important.  Global hygiene solution with specific products for each place, such as the HACCP line.

4.- Cleaning agencies have very clear objectives.

Because of the importance of hygiene and order in hotels. Professional hotel cleaning services must take perfect care of order, cleanliness, and disinfection.

To clean a hotel, not just anyone, since the person responsible for cleaning must consider where to start, knowing that cleaning a bathroom in a house is not the same as cleaning a hotel bathroom. Here you can read how the image we have of hotel cleaning staff has been anchored to stereotypes that are difficult to overcome.

The agencies concentrate the schedules of the staff of their workers during the hours in which the clients leave the rooms free, this work is of the housekeeper.

In addition, these agencies know that the work increases or decreases, depending on the level of occupation, so they are the ones that must measure the weekly work forecasts.

Hotel cleaning must always be carried out by companies approved for them, or through internal services that are managed by the Management. Today this coordination of factors is much easier thanks to technological solutions such as hospitality, which allow all hotel communications to be centralized in a single software.

5 .- The cleaning of a hotel begins by ventilating the room and ends by cleaning its floor.

It is important to ventilate the room, for that it is recommended to open the windows for a while.

It is mandatory to remove the bed linen and towels and send them to the laundry. They should be washed with detergent and disinfectant. We have a range of liquid products for professional laundry developed with the R&D of the latest clothes-washing technologies, being respectful of the environment at all times.

If the previous guest has left something of no use or value in the room, it should be taken to lost and found.

When the bathroom is cleaned, empty or used canisters should be disposed of. And replace them with new products, or fill those that are already empty. We offer you soft gels and shampoos, made with ingredients that respect the pH and adequate moisture of the skin, leaving it clean and hydrated, and that have passed the demanding quality controls of the cosmetic industry.

To clean a room, it is recommended to start with the mirrors and crystals, in a circular direction. We leave you some tricks to clean the crystals, in this post.

Then continue through the dust on the furniture, the inside of the cabinets and drawers, lamps and other objects.

Lastly, clean the floor. First pass the broom, then the mop, and lastly the mop.

If the hotel wants the client to feel a special smell when entering the room. We find unique and long-lasting aromas such as professional air fresheners.

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