Uttari Betta : Complete guide


Uttari Betta, a fortified hilltop referred to as Hutridurga located in the southeast of Kunigal Taluk is a renowned hike located in Karnataka and is backed by its breathtaking beauty. Bangalore is bordered by stunning mountains and hills that are waiting to be explored. If you’re looking to experience each one of them and you are looking for a place to go, include this on the list of things to do. This well-known Karnataka hike is a five-mile (5 km)trek that rewards hikers with breathtaking views that remain with them for the rest of their lives.

The journey is not just an amazing experience with stunning views however, it also delights in the rich history of castle walls, as well as the intricate steps of stone. A fascinating fact is that the hill fort is believed that it has eight gates that run from at the base up to the top, which is higher than other gates that are outside. What’s waiting for you at the summit? The summit of the trek is Shankeshwar temple, where you can enjoy an expansive panorama of the area full of hills.

This exclusive Sunrise Tour with Planned Prediction leads you to the middle and to the nature, with the help of forests, caves, and massive boulders that will delight you with the size of the world. This tour ensures that visitors can feel at ease with the variety of creatures and plants that are found throughout the journey. If you’re looking to feel completely nature-based, take this trip and be part of something larger than all of us.

Travel details

Trek Level Trek Level: Simple (Difficulty level is a subjective measurement)

It is a location that is paved with stones

Travel distance: 5 km (onwards)

Uttari Betta Trek – Overview

First day:

Depart Bangalore around 11:00 pm (approx)

Second day:

Reach Basic and relax

The tour starts at 4:45 AM (approx)

Look Up and Take a Look

Take a taxi and arrive at the base at 7:30 am (approx)

Take a trip to the city for a delicious breakfast

Arrive in Bangalore at noon (approx)

What are the opinions of our experts on this trek? Uttari Betta Trek?

The journey can begin in the evening and try to reach the summit at the earliest possible time. The trek begins in a tiny town. After a lengthy walk through the darkness within the town. You’ll cross the barricade and walk through seven holes in the stone. The hike is steep, with rocky outcrops as well as rocks that cut into the rock. When you pass through the gates, you’ll be on an extremely. Steep slope with the Shankeshwar temple on the highest point. 

The views on the top is stunning enough that you could keep. Your mind on the top for a short period of time. When you reach through the sacred area, the route continues on. Passing through a tiny forest, before entering a totally different landscape. And then is finished at a grassy hilltop with large rocks and boulders.

You will witness the first light of a new dawn at the. Summit with only green grass, blue skies and huge grey rocks that surround us. Take in this beautiful moment for the longest time you can to. Remind you of the wonderful peace you felt at the time and later, in the wishing.

A beautiful dawn that is accompanied with beautiful. Mixture of colors over the sky We are able to savor its beauty. After that we’ll begin our return journey back to base camp. Keep your eyes on the road as you’re drawn by the stunning views of the mountains. Stop for breakfast and then go towards Bangalore.

What is the most suitable moment to go to Uttari Betta?

There is no ideal season to travel to, so it is possible to visit the area throughout the year. The best time to visit is from the months of July through February. As during the rainy season visitors will be able to see the greenery and enjoy strolling in the clouds. In the winter months it is cool and pleasant. In the winter, Uttari Betta is the ideal place to visit during summer. Due to the gorgeous cloud formation that blocks the summer sun.

How to get there How to get there

By car:

75 kilometers from Bangalore. Uttari Betta is located near the Kunigal-Magadi S.H. the 94, with 7 km away from the road. And 10 km away from Anchepalya industrial zone on the. Bengaluru-Mangalore National Highway India – NH48 close to Kunigal.

By Air:

Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore. It is easy to use a taxi or bus from the city center. Of Bangalore to go to the camping trail that starts at Uttari Betta.

Things to take

  • A compact backpack that contains everything you need for trekking.
  • 2 . 2 bottles drinking water (1-liter each).
  • Covers for raincoats or bags in the event of rain.
  • Flashlights / Headlamps to use in the dark.
  • Warm layer (low or fur coat).
  • Woolen Cap.
  • Suncap along with Sunscreen.

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