What Is The Most Advantageous Rbl Credit Cards?

RBL bank has develop several credit cards whose benefits are spread across segregate categories, including shopping, travel, movies, fuel, dining, etc. Irrespective of your expenses over these cards, you will be reward via discounts, rewards, and cashback.

This Article Will Look At The Top 10 Rbl Bank Credit Cards Of 2022

Rbl Bank Platinum Maxima Credit Card

The card is ideally suite for rewards and movies and comes with a Welcome benefit of 8,000 reward points. Premium deals are make available on movies, dining, and shopping, which earn one 5X Rewards for all expenditures made over Rs. 1000. Benchmarks of 10,000 reward points are unlock upon landmark spending of 2 lakh and 3.5 lakh in a year. Get to know the eligibility for credit card with the help of above details and apply for the best credit card as per your requirement.

Rbl Bank World Safari Credit Card

With a joining fee of Rs. 3,000, the credit card is ideally suite for avid travellers. Its most important feature is the zero foreign transaction mark-up fees. Other premium features include a MakeMyTrip voucher worth Rs. 3,000 as a Welcome gift.

Rbl Bank Icon Credit Card

With a joining fee of Rs. 5,000, the credit card is ideally suite for Movies and Rewards and brings a welcome gift of 20,000 bonus reward points. The catchy feature of the card is a range of privileges over travel, movies, golf, dining, and a premium lifestyle. It brings a life of convenience and luxury.

Rbl Bank Popcorn Credit Card

With a joining fee of just Rs. 1,000, the card is ideally suite for Cashback and Movies. The cardholder accesses two complimentary movie tickets each month from BookMyShow. A movie lover should go for this card. Weekly cashback on spending over weekly spending of Rs. 2,500 or above is also on offer.

Rbl Bank Shoprite Credit Card

The joining fee of the credit card is as low as Rs. 500, and the card is orient towards Shopping and Rewards. 15 times a year, one gets 10% off on movie tickets. Overall, this is one of the best credit cards for everyday usage. 

RBL Platinum Delight Credit Card

With a joining fee of Rs. 1,000, this is the best credit card for Rewards. All spending made over the weekends comes with 2X Rewards. Fuel surcharge waiver and 1000 bonus rewards every month are include. One gets rewards on all purchases. An annual fee of Rs. 1,000 for the following year is waive upon spending over Rs. 1.5 lakh in a year.

RBL Bank Titanium Delight Credit Card

The card is best suite for Rewards and Movies and comes with a joining fee of Rs. 750. 4,000 reward points are offer as a spend milestone bonus. On Wednesdays, one gets free movie tickets.

RBL Bank Monthly Treats Credit Cards

The credit card is ideally suite for cashback for a joining fee as low as Rs. 50. It’s as good as getting a credit card free. One gets 10% Cashback on movies and groceries. Across multiple categories, reward points and cashback are make available. Further, the cardholder enjoys numerous treats on utility payments, Swiggy, and BookMyShow.

RBL Bank vCard

For the first year, this credit card has no joining fee. It is ideally suited for Fuel and Rewards. One also avails reward points for all spending and makes merchant payments on the go. vCard Mobile App lets one manage the credit card and conduct actions such as converting the card spends into EMIs.

RBL Bank MoneyTap Black Credit Card

The joining fee of the credit card is Rs. 3,000, and it is ideally suited for Fuel, Travel, and Rewards. A catchy feature is 12,000 Reward Points, which one gets when one swipes the credit card within 30 days of issuance. One also accesses the MoneyTap Credit Line when one uses this card.


Before choosing the RBL Bank credit card to go ahead with, one should be aware of its features. Terms and conditions are important to read in detail to be sure regarding the taxes and hidden charges. Then, when your CIBIL score is good, processes for acquiring a credit card simplify. Your eligibility for credit card is going to be higher.

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